ASUS M3N78 PRO - A couple questions

Hey guys, I just ordered the Asus M3N78 Pro, and have a few questions I hope you might be able to sort me out with.

1. What exactly is the "Hybrid-SLI" feature on this motherboard?
I am not looking for an SLI setup, but I saw this feature advertised. I only see the one PCI slot on this board so I would think this must allow certain video cards to pair with the onboard video for an sli setup?

2. How do you use the on board HDMI?
I have been using a dvi to hdmi cable on my current setup, to watch videos to my tv. I will be using a 9600 GT graphics card, so will I be able to still use this hdmi port? Also can the sound be sent via this port to my tv as well?

3. Third Party CPU coolers?
Can someone recommend a good cpu air based cpu cooler that will easily fit this motherboard? I used the
Thermaltake CL-P0200 80mm Silent 939 K8 on my current build, and I would like something that is just as easy to install, fits on the current slots and provides just a decent amount of cooling along with fitting correctly on this motherboard.
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  1. 1. yep:

    2. if you enable hybrid sli, apparently. however, probably only one of them will have working ports.

    3. here's a buyer's guide:

    right now, the sunbeamtech core contact cooler is the best performer, but it's one fat cooler. it's like fat albert fat. however, it does use the am2 clips, so it's easy to install. if you have side mounted fans, you'll have to remove them or get the xigmatek s963. if you are using ram heatsinks, or the mobo has heat pipes taller than 4cm, you'll have to go with a "low profile" design, which mostly suck.
  2. heh, finally found ya. :) I couldn't remember where this post was.

    I found out what it does and it's limits, here's the spec sheet:

    it's limited to only a handful of nvidia cards. also, it can run either one with 2 monitors, or both for a total of 4 monitors. however, a lot of the cool things it can do get disabled if you are running 4 monitors.

    some of the cool things it can do:
    1. shut off the graphics card to save power when not needed
    2. work together to boost performance.

    however, along with the gpu restriction above, it also requires certain PSU's, probably with big amps on the 12v rails.

    overall though, it looks pretty cool. i would do it if i had one of the crappy cards listed. (8300 GT? LOLOLOL)
  3. Thanks guys! I am looking at some of the "low profile coolers" because I do have the ram heatsinks and cooling fan on it so I will look at them.

    Thanks again.
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