1st build-please evaluate revised components

Below are my revised component selections after another week of poking around & reading.

Computer use will be video editing, multi tasking & general everyday use. Very little gaming. Probably no overclocking, tho I wouldn't guarantee it. Budget fairly flexible either way. 1st time build.

Intel core 2 quad q9450-$330
I've read quad is best for video/multi tasking.

Gigabyte ep45-ds3r lga775 intel p45-$150
I change my mind every day on the mobo. Have also considered the Gigabyte ep45-ds3l, ASUS p5q pro, Asus pq5e & Asus p5q. Currently like the gigabyte cause of the numerous ports.

2 or 4 sticks of 2gb 240 pin sdram ddr2 800-haven't decided on brand yet.
After reading all the posts re problems caused by ram & ram incompatabilities this is diffuclt, also, I suspect, very dependent on the mobo you get. I'm considering corsair, mushkin, kingston, a-data, or crucial depending on whatever works best with the mobo I get.

WD caviar re2 wd7500ayys 750gb 7200 rpm sata-$360 (2, for data)
WD caviar re2 wd5001abys 500 gb 7200 rpm sata-$100 (for op systems)
Switched from the se16 for the longer warranty & assuming enterprise/raid drives have a better chance of long life. Not sure if this is wise or not considering they're significantly more expensive.

Visiontek 900241 radeon hd 4850 512mb-$200

Acer al2216wbd 5ms widescreen lcd monitor-$250

LG 20x dvd burner sata model gh20ns10-$50 (2)

Corsair cmpsu-750tx 750w atx12v-$180

Lian Li 65b black aluminum atx mid-tower-$130

Leaning towards xppro 32 later dual booting vista 64, still leery of 64 bit.

Those are my choices as of today, any comments appreciated.
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  1. In my opinion that PSU is overkill for what you are going to be using. Im assuming you arent planning on using crossfire. I would also suggest this ram

    As long as you are running 64 bit soon and can take advantage of the full 4GB.
  2. +1 for myko50
    Just wanna add, that P45 is not an optimum solution for a Xfire system. Get a X38 or X48 for the best Xfire solution.

    Get a 2x2GB RAm so that you'll be able to make 4x2GB RAM someday if you wanna use 64bit OS.
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