Can I move my RAID controller to a new M/B without rebuilding?


I am planning on putting a new motherboard and processor in my computer and was wondering if I can just move my controller over to the new build without making any changes, losing data or, having to rebuild my array.

Currently I have an Intel Socket 775 Motherboard with a Areca 1210 PCI-e controller with a 4 disk RAID5 setup. The new M/B I have is going to be an Intel Socket 1156. The RAID array is only used for file and backup storage so I don't have to be concerned with the O/S.

From what I have read in other posts, it kind of sounds like this is possible but I want to be sure before giving it a shot.

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. far as I know the raid structure is entirely stored on the drives used, so it should be as easy as just plugging the drives and the controller in. I wouldn't actually try it without making backups of the most important files though.
  2. That's the way I have been reading things as well. Almost everything I have stored on there is Media and I am building another server so maybe I will wait and copy it all over first before experimenting.
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