Suggestions on setting up SSD as boot and raid drives for programs dri

Ok here is my build:

Asus P6TDeluxe V2
Intel I7 920
Corshair Dominator 4GB
ATI 5870
PSU 1000W
Intel X-25-M 80GB = My bootdrive
(2) Samsung Spinpoint F3= Raid Drives for gaming and software.


If I am using windows 7 64 bit as my Operating System, what is the best way for me to install my drive order?

C: Intel X-25-M 80GB as my C:/ Drive? Even though, I want it as my boot drive I don’t want to install my programs or games on it… So questions is: how do I install my drive orders so that my SSD is my boot drive and all my programs and software are as my C: and not for booting the OS?
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