e2200 Runs Hot - Need Stock Settings

I just put together an inexpensive system for my kid: EVGA e-7050/610i with an e2200 CPU. I used OCZ 2x1G PC5400 memory. The problem is that from the initial boot, the BIOS is showing the CPU temp at 46C. I tried reseating the HSF using Arctic Silver and it seems to be locked down pretty good, but still shows 46-47C just sitting there at idle right after booting. Does anyone know what kinds of stock settings I should be seeing for this CPU as far as Vcore, etc.? I think something is awry...
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  1. the initial vcore will change depending on what the VID of the card is (check using core temp i believe). It will be between 1.162V-1.312V

    Also make sure the cpu is clocked correctly to 2.2, sometimes the mobo will overclock the card on auto settings (happened to me).

    It might be a good idea to turn speed step on. That will under volt and underclock the cpu while it isn't being heavily used.

    Finally make sure you have good ventilation in your case so that the hot air coming from your heatsink has somewhere to go
  2. Well, I just decided to move forward, despite the high readings. I installed XP and went straight for Real Temp. Installed and it is giving me 23/24C!! So what the hell is the BIOS doing?
    I'm going to update BIOS and then go back and check settings. I disabled speedstep and C1E until I got the o/s installed and drivers in place. But I guess the temp reading from BIOS is different than what I'm used to, or is plain old wrong.
  3. If the BIOS version doesn't include the correct temp calibration info for your CPU model, the temp values it reports may be off.
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