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hi,i have a p5q mobo,e8400,twin cm2x1024 6400c5 dhx corsair ram,8800 gt video,and 2 sata drives and a very powerfull psu,now, every time i start my pc when it comes to loading windows { those 3 horizontals lines} it freezez and i must reset always,and i must do so 6 or 7 times till i finally get into windows,and between these resets sometimes it doesn t even boot because all vents are on but nothing else and i must keep resetting,this sucks a lot.plese advise
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  1. Did You Checked Your Ram...?
  2. First thing to always always check are the connections. 9 times out of 10, something is loose or one of your sata cables came out. when you say it doesn't boot, can you get to BIOS? or is it just failing to load windows?
  3. i already tried with 4 ram types from my friends,still nothing.when it doesn't boot i mean that sometimes when i start the pc nothing happens all vents are working but nothing else no video signal ,no nothing and if i hit start button again system stops i hit it again it restart but freezez while loading windows xp and i checked the cables if they are good and all is ok
  4. wardog,

    To determine whether your memory works or not, I suggest you run Memtest http://www.memtest.org/ when you boot up your machine.

    If you simply have WinXP installed on one of your sata drives which only has sata drivers for the previous motherboard then the machine will give you BSOD. You need to install the sata drivers from floppy disk.

    After that, backup stuff on your hard drive that you want to intall WinXP. Boot from WinXP CD and see if you can clean install Windows XP. Remember to hit F6 key to intall sata driver.
  5. i tested already the ram and all ok. for the rest for my noob-head it's a little complicated.thx
  6. and i never got BSOD
  7. i tried with one ram stick too,and in bios all is in auto ,what is the correct voltage?
  8. hey wardog, i think i found the root of the problem already. The solution is so simple that it really makes me cry....its our PSU that is playing the trick. Im assuming that with your configuration you are using a PSU below 600W? That will cause insufficient power throughout the board to load the OS.

    Solution: Change a PSU that goes over 750W. But for the time being, since you are using P5Q i assuming that you got this EPU program with you which allows you to set the different power saving mode. Set it to [AUTO] to ensure lowest power consumption during boot up. Next, unplug ALL the multitabs that are connected to your power point and save it solely for your PSU, change all other plugs onto another power point. Reduce the amount of your fans to the minimum requirements etc.... that should solve your problem until you get another PSU. Cheers
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