No cd drive detected xp

No Cd drive is detected but will play dvd will not write cd. Did the upper and lower filter remove and ran the Microsoft automated support nothing is work and I am running in circles
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  1. Is it showing in the Device Manager?

    Is it showing in the Disk Manager?
  2. No it is not
  3. use other DVD/CD Mp3/movie can do Play.. ?
  4. Sorry henydiah I don't understand what you mean.
  5. are there any Unknown Devices shown in the Device Manager?

    does your BIOS see the CD-Rom?
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    try copy file from CD to PC with big file more 100MB better !
    if cannot finish copy file it'maean your DVD drive Damage
  7. CD drive is in the Bio that is why I am puzzled
  8. henydiah I do appreciate your help very much but I already did that and I am running windows XP with all the service packs. Nothing is working
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