NZXT LEXA BlackLine or other for around 100$

I was thinking to buy this case:
nzxt Lexa, redline edition

But I would like to have a case without a front door.

The reason why I like this cabinet is because it's quiet, good cooling and good air flow and a plus is the dust filters coz it's a bit dusty area I live in (Alot of trees, grass..+++)

So this case without the front door would be very good for me
Can you recommend me other cases with my criterias? Around the same price as this one ($100 on


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  1. you can always get a antec 900 or nzxt tempest and make some custom dust filters out of ac filters... i don;t think they are too mcuh

    and a majority of dust comes from dead skin cells fyi... thats pretty much what dust is
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