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Hey all ! I was just wondering if lapping just my HSF would benefit me at all ? I have the Arctic 64 pro and am looking for a few more degrees. I have never done it before so i didnt want to try my cpu just yet. Any input would be great. Thank you. :)
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  1. My input is that you should only really consider lapping your heatsink if you know or have reason to suspect that the contact with your processor is bad. If your processor heatspreader is flat, but your heatsink is not and it causes bad contact, then lapping your heatsink should show marked improvements.

    Generally speaking, if your heatsink and processor already have good contact, lapping either will make little to no difference.
  2. Thank you. I will check the contact next week. I ordered some AS Ceramique and will be putting that on so i can check then.
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