Is my overclock okay?

Hey guys, new here. And I'm new to overclocking as well.

I recently purchased an Asus P5QL-Pro board, as my old AsRock one died on me, as well as a Corsair CX400 PSU as I've been using a generic 500W PSU and learned it was good for nothing, and decided to overclock a little.

Specs are as follows:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.33 GHz, 1333 FSB, 4 MB L2)
Stock Intel HSF
Asus P5QL-Pro (P43 Chipset)
4 x 1 GB DDR2-667 Kingston ValueRam
Corsair CX400 400W PSU
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 160 GB SATA (Primary)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500 GB SATA
ATI Radeon HD 3850 (256 MB GDDR3, 669 MHz/829 MHz)

I was able to raise my FSB to 400 via BIOS resulting in a clock speed of 2.80 GHz and 1600 MHz FSB, while my RAM is running at 1:1 ratio at DDR2-800.
Also, I was able to raise my 3850's core speed from 669 to 740 MHz and memory speed from 829 to 1000 MHz.
Lastly, I was able to undervolt my Vcore from auto (CPU-Z reading of 1.248V under load, 1.040V idle) to 1.040V even on full load.

This is my first time overclocking, and I just wanna ask if the overclock is okay, and if I squeeze a little more performance while still being stable and not consuming too much power. :)

Thanks in advance guys! :D
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  1. Looks OK, but did you stress test it with anything like Prime95?
  2. Not yet. Is that really necessary? What could go wrong if I don't stress test? :D
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    it's worth stress testing, because then it's been through as much as will ever be thrown at it. From experience, not stress testing means your rig falls over in the middle of an online game, or just before you get the chance to save! ;)

    If your temps are ok, your overclock should be ok. There is another thread on here (stickied) that gives a handy reference for what the top end of the acceptable temp range is for each Core 2 and i7 chip.
  4. I experienced frequent crashes when playing games so I decided to stress test just to make sure it was stable. Upon running Prime95, within 1 second, my core 1 failed at 1.040V Vcore. I decided to increase my vcore slightly, up until 1.080V.

    I was able to run Prime95 a good 3 hours without any errors. I know its far from the 24 hour suggested time, but I haven't had the luxury of time recently.

    Also, I read the sticky regarding C2D core temps.

    At idle, my temps are:

    CPU Temp: 36ºC
    Core #1: 43ºC
    Core #2: 40ºC
    Vcore: 1.080 V

    At full load (under Prime95):

    CPU Temp: 51.5ºC
    Core #1: 58ºC
    Core #2: 56ºC
    Vcore: 1.064 V

    I was just wondering, is it normal that my core 1 runs 2-3 degrees hotter than my 2nd core?
    And is it normal that my CPU temp is about 5-8 degrees colder than my core temps (Sticky says 4-6 degrees delta)?
    And lastly, is it normal that my Vcore is lower under load (I never quite understood Vdroop, and I have LLC enabled)? :D

    Thanks again guys. :D
  5. Yes, those are all normal things ^^
  6. wow
  7. MaDMagik said:

  8. I was equally impressed with your overclocks and the size of the banner that was displaying them, took half of the screen :) For some reason its not here anymore...
  9. Yeah, i guess a mod removed it...LOL

    I kinda liked it but im afraid if i post it again im gunna get baned )=

    It's like that one guy who hasa huge ass picture of that crappy dell (=
  10. ^^ LOL i knew that you would post.

    I wasnt reffering to u though, it was an even worse one. Like 1 ghz...LOL

    Yours isnt that bad (=
  11. Hahaha lol, Overshock. But you did have very nice overclocks :D
  12. ^^thanks! Maybe ill resize it and see if the mods take it off again )=
  13. BTW, I was planning to OC my 9600GT. Just wondering what method or program did you use? Thanks
  14. I used evga precision (its very easy) and EVGA voltage tuner.

    The voltages in my sig for the 250's are incorrect

    EDIT: I fixed the voltage for my 250's (=
  15. Haha, I like your sig. (forgot voltage)

    EVGA Precison works for all Nvidia cards right?
  16. ^^ LOL yeah.. after all i did forget

    But yes precision works for all nvidia cards but you need to have na evga card to use the voltage tuner...

    There is a hack that ive used for it but you need to have a gt200 card to use it anyway (=
  17. Oh, voltage increase only with EVGA cards. You don't reccomend using ntune right? lol.
  18. ntune is alright, but i havnt messed with it much (=
  19. Thanks, so is ATI Tool good for stress testing?
  20. Try FurMark because it is my fave.

    Or occt is good... but they both do pretty much the exact same thing.
  21. Thanks, ATITools just freezes at 10min. lol. I'm trying on my old 8400GS first lol.
  22. Yeah, thats a good idea. I always have my backup pieces to test on before i do anything to drastic /:
  23. Speaking of overclocking video cards, is it alright to use ATI's Catalyst Overdrive feature to raise my core and memory clocks or is there some application i should be using? :)
  24. I used Overdrive as its easy, just dont follow the Auto-tune option as it tends to over-estimate. What i did was doing the OC via Overdrive and used AtiTool to scan for artifacts. Obviously Overdrive will only allow changing frequency, not voltage.
  25. Yeah, AMD Overdrive works for overclocking ATI cards. I use FurMark and ATITool like MadMagik suggest to check for stability.
  26. Yeah, i like furmark because it will give the highest temperature.
  27. Well thanks to you overshocked, I got my 8400GS specs higher than a 8500GT (yay! :lol:). I scored like 230 Furmarks on stock and 320+ FurMarks when I overclocked it. Still a crappy card though. :lol:
  28. NICE OC, what are the temps when running that fast?
  29. Its a passive which sucks since the case is m-BTX LOL. I modded the case and stuck a 80mm fan blowing directly on the Nvidia 8400GS.

    Temps are 69C on load, this is the highest temp I've seen it go with FurMark.
    Temps are 55C on idle.

    Thanks again for the help.
  30. those arnt to shabby temps either.
    No problem dude anytime!
  31. One more thing, in Vista 32 I tried running OCCT but it keeps saying my Direct X 9 is not updated and GPU test will be disabled. Any ideas?
  32. Uhh my only guess is that you downloaded the wrong one. Like one for xp or something like that (=
  33. Uhh my only guess is that you downloaded the wrong one. Like one for xp or something like that (=
  34. Ok, thanks. How can we tell with FurMark if the OC is stable? It just keeps going.
  35. Excactly just like prime 95.

    If the nvlddmkm nvidia drivers crash then ur OC isnt stable.
  36. Thanks, got my 8400GS up to the spec of the 8600GT!! The only thing holding it back is the bus (64 bit) instead of (128bit)
  37. is it stable?
  38. Yeah it is, I'm trying to get to the 8600GTS spec lol. How long do you run FurMark?
  39. Same as prime, ill run it all night to make sure it is 100% stable but after an hour it is most likely not going to crash.

    Also, you might want to think to take off the heatsink and put some nice thermal paste on it then clean out the HSF with canned air...

    I did this with my gx2 back when i was OC it and it dropped the temps from idling 85 to idling 60
  40. Any guide or tutorial for this? I don't want to screw up my card lol. I only have OCZ FreeZe :P
  41. Its fairly self explanitory

    If you really want to cool it then take an old intel stock HSF then mount it onto the card. It will cool AWSOME!
  42. What about the "memory pads" or something lol.
  43. And I just use a cotton swab and wipe it clean? I have Isopropyl Alcohol 99%
  44. AKM880 said:
    What about the "memory pads" or something lol.

    I dont think that yours has any kind of thermal paste on the memory.. but it would help an overclock if you put some on there.
  45. AKM880 said:
    And I just use a cotton swab and wipe it clean? I have Isopropyl Alcohol 99%

    Yep (=
  46. Ahh, kk thanks again sooo much. I'll try it ASAP.
  47. AKM880 said:
    Ahh, kk thanks again sooo much. I'll try it ASAP.

    NICE and remember to blow it out with canned air.
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