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Evidently, while installing a new drive, I inadvertently disconnected one of my raid drives. I noticed the problem 2 days later and took it to the shop where it had been made and asked them to rebuild the raid. Sometime later they told me that the raid rebuild failed. Now all my .pst files, archived mail and bookmarks are seemingly lost. The good news is that they used the new (large drive) to do a reinstall of XP. The bad news is I can't find my old files. Any help with the dilemma would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. You should have just plugged the drive back in and let the controller rebuild the raid (if it was RAID 1)

    Google "RAID rebuild software"

    There's lots out there.
  2. Sounds like you will need a data recovery company to recover the missing data from your corrupt array. You can contact ReWave Data Recovery for a free evaluation. It will not cost you anything and if you don't get your missing data, there is no fee. Contact them at 866-739-2835.
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