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I have a Dell Dimension 9100, everything is stock except for my Antec Earthwatts 500watt power supply and my XFX 250 GTS graphics card. The core temperature is a little higher then i'd like it to be, its at about 60C and im aiming for around 40C. Anyone know a cooler whether it be fan, water, or heatsink that could bring me to 40C while playing a pretty high graphic game? Also, please link me something that is easy to install, not very good at computers :).
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  1. A GPU at 60c is nothing at all to worry about. You'd have to spend $200+ for the GPU cooling for that card, meaning watercooling. Look at Thermalright as a solution, mebbe they got one to fit, they make great air cooling, should be about $50-$70.

    Installing means removing all the external covers on the card, applying thermal paste and putting air heatsinks on the Vram and mosfets.

    Not rocket science. Just make your case cooling better, still 60c is not a worry at all.
  2. One thread on the subject would have been enough.
  3. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. A temp of 60C under load is fine. Leave it alone.
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