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I'm not too knowledgeable about computers but i got my pc fixed by staples to remove all the viruses and junk and now, absolutely no sound comes out of my speakers and my computer says that it cannot detect any audio devices. I have never had to install any drivers or any of that before, all i have ever needed to do with my speakers was simply plug them into the computer and now it doesn't work. Please help, thank you.
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  1. soundcard onboard or Addon ?
  2. start-->control panel-->system-->hardware tab-->device manager-->are there any conflicts (yellow !) in there?

    control panel-->sounds and audio devices-->audio tab-->make sure your audio device is selected in the drop down box, under 'sound playback'.
  3. This is the EXACT problem I have, I spent 70 On the Hardware "Fix" Not only this but I have a boatload of other problems now, and hte problems I wanted fixed didnt get Fixed!
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