please confirm this is all compatible/sensible

Here's the list of hardware I'm about to buy. I'm not expert by any means but have tried to find decent compatible, components while not spending a fortune.

Could someone, who knows more then me, confirm this will go together. And are these choices sensible?

I'm a little concerned about getting the right power supply. The board has 4 PCIe slots but I cant find a power supply with 4 connectors to go with the board. How are the 1X PCI slots powered usually? Straight thought the slot like PCI? Is it just the GPU that need the power connector? Is the 700W more than I'm going to need as I could save $50 if a 450W Earthwats (as a guy I know recommended) is going to work just fine.

System will be used primarily for Photoshop and digital photo storage while still having the occasional FPS (eg call of duty 4) played on it too.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
OCZ GameXStream
GIGABYTE GeForce 8800 GT

2 500Gb sata drives (for raid 1), 40Gb ATA (for OS), 16X DVD RW and case from old box. I have a rosewill raid card too for the raid set up, If I need it that is?

I'm a part time wedding photographer and professional web programmer so not a total noob but not up on hardware anymore. I've been scavenging Linux PCs for the last few years but have decided to get something that'll last a while for my needs and provide the reliability I now need to store wedding pictures and burn DVDs without falling over constantly.
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  1. I would get a P45 mobo, considering the price difference isn't that much from a p35. Is there a budget?
  2. Search for these at newegg:
    HD 4850

    Yes, it's just the GPU that needs a power connector.
    The Q6600 is a great choice.
  3. /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    What he said :-)

    aevm doesn't say much but there's a very good reason he's suggesting these particular parts. The SH 203N is a Samsung DVD combo w/ LightScribe by the way. And the 650TX is a Corsair power supply

    I think you'll like the Q6600. It's great for running multiple aps. I've been tempted to go with an 8500 for overclocking and gaming....I have a bit of a gaming problem...:-( Anyhow...I also do a ton of file conversions, video a and audio work, and the Q6600 just powers through as much as I can throw at it while running virus and spyware scans and checking out places like Toms here.. :-)
    Good luck with the build
  4. Thanks for the suggestions

    I should have said more clearly the linked items are what I'm buying the other items are from PCs I already have. I'm sure the info will prove useful for others. Sorry, I didn't mean to waste your time on those bits.

    I've no plans to overclock so at $60 more, is a P45 going to be that much more useful to me than a P35? Would be interested in your thoughts.

    The budget has already been stretched, busted, swept up and looked at disapprovingly by the wife already. I've upgraded the list pretty much all I can. I know, for a few buck more I can get better stuff, but I've been there done that and here I am :) no wiggle room in the budget. Trust me, you should see her face.

    So is what's on my original list going to work?

    I was told as the chip is OEM there's no heat sink or fan, so I'll add one to the list. Is the chip going to go right in to the board as is or are there any attachments/holders that need to be purchased separately as well?
  5. The chip is going right into the board as is.

    Your link is to Q6600 retail, so you do get a cooler. No need to buy another one.

    That 8800GT is the 256MB version, and that's not a good thing. Still, for $77 is amazingly powerful. There are plenty of better cards out there these days, but none under $100 at newegg today as far as I can see.

    Your list will work fine. Since we're not allowed to increase the cost, I'd only make these changes:

    This GA-EP43-DS3L is $10 more than the GA-EP35-DS3L and it's worth it.

    That GameXstream is $102 after rebate and shipping. This 650TX is only $90.

    I saved you $2, I suppose your wife will approve :)
  6. I've gone ahead and bought so please don't add any smoking deals to this thread now.. . Any new deal will just make me cry.

    Thanks again.
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