2 drives in raid1 and one drive not in raid

Ok so heres my problem:

I have two 150gb drives already set in a Raid 0 configuration of 300gb and I would to add one 750gb drive as extra storrage. This 750gb drive will not be in raid with the other drives.
Vista 64bit
Sata drives

Here's what i did:

I connected the new hdd into the computer and booted up.
First thing i see when the computer comes up is "Installing device driver." Once that said complete, i opened My Computer and it didnt show the new drive. So, I right-clicked My Computer and hit Manage, then Disk Management. Still the new drive does not show up.
So i restart the computer.
I stoped in bios and cmos to see if it showed up at all, which it didn't so, no surprise there. (my other drives have never shown in bios or cmos). I exit bios and let the computer boot a lil more untill i can enter the raid setup utility. My 300gb array shows up. I select 'create new array' and my 750gb shows up as being available to add to a new array. It shows the raid options of "Spanning, Striping, Mirroring, Stripe+Mirroring, and Raid 5."

What I'm goin for is to keep the 150's in raid, and add the 750 as an extra drive not in raid.

Im stumped. I thought about trying 'Spanning' option, but i dont want to mess up the new drive. My second thought was to buy a second 750, but the one i have is not desinged for use in raid setup.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You

edit: current drives are in raid 0, not raid 1
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  1. Do you set online the new HDD?
  2. How's that done?
  3. In the disk manager, right click on the disk, in the menu, look for something that say "online" or "offline", only one option is showing, BUT if the option that appears is "online" select and go to My PC to see if the HDD is showed.
  4. First of all, it is very odd that none of your drives "shows up in BIOS". Clearly, however, your BIOS does recognize them.
    Next, when you enter RAID Setup you see all three drives, and the first two already are part of a RAID0 array. For the new drive, you simply do NOT change its setting. If you make no settings for it, it will NOT be included in any RAID structure, which is the way you want it.
    You say it does not show up in Disk Management, but I suspect you are looking in the wrong place. Follow this: Go into Disk Manager (you know how to get there). On the right there are TWO panes, and each scrolls to show you all its contents. The UPPER RIGHT pane show you all the devices Windows can use right now, but it will NOT have the new drive because it has not been prepared yet for Windows to use. In the LOWER RIGHT pane you should find the new drive with a label on its left end saying something like "Disk 1" and a size. To the right of that will be one big block called "Unallocated Space". You need to do two operations on the drive, and Vista has a Wizard to help you do both in one step. RIGHT-click on the space and choose to Create a Partition and Format it. The wizard will help you make the choices. You will create a Primary Partition, and I suspect you want it to use ALL available space for one large volume. (If not, you can make whatever size you want, then come back here later to create another Partition that will be treated as a completely separate drive.) Since this is for data only and you do NOT plan to boot from this drive (I presume), do not make the Partition bootable. For the File System, choose NTFS. If you choose Quick Format it will do the job in about 15 minutes or less. A Full Format will do that, then set itself to a MANY-hour task of testing absolutely every sector of the new disk to be sure it has no errors - not usually necessary for a new unit, but a precaution if you have the time. When it is done it should show a new letter name assigned to this new disk. Exit out of Disk Manager and reboot to adjust the Registry, and your new drive will show up in My Computer ready to use.
  5. here's my disk manager
    drive0 is the two 150's in raid
    drive1 and drive2 are external usb drives.

  6. OK, so Windows Disk Manager cannot see that new disk at all. Yet it does show up within the RAID Setup screens, so the BIOS can see it. Still odd the BIOS Setup itself does not show it.

    Try this. In BIOS Setup, examine each SATA port setup in the area of Integrated Peripherals. You should be able to see several SATA ports, and it would help to know exactly which has what device plugged into each. The two 150 GB units should be on ports where the mode of the SATA port is set to RAID. A third port will have the optical drive on it, I suspect. The new 750 GB unit should be on a fourth port. Make sure it is Enabled (I fully expect it is), then check its mode: IDE (PATA) Emulation, native SATA, AHCI, or RAID. Since you don't plan to use it in a RAID array, set it to something else. IDE Emulation always should work, but Vista 64 should be able to handle native SATA or AHCI just as well. Maybe if it is NOT RAID then windows will be able to see it. Save and Exit and look again in Disk Manager to see if that helped.
  7. Ok I'm camping till Sunday night, so I'll have ta get back to ya then. Thanks for ur help.
  8. Ok so the hdd i bought actually has no issues when put in a raid setup, so i bought a second one and just installed them. Showed up in the manager right away. Quick formatted with ntfs as one partion. took about ten seconds to finish and now i have 1.3tb extra space.

    Thank you everyone for all your help in this matter.
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