PSX + N64 Converter USB rewiring

I have a PSX + N64 Converter for USB, i got it from Ebay.
I got about 3 Years use out of it, until the USB cord had a problem, but i didn't mind it and so i got a another one called "universal USB converter" by gamemon.
any way, this topic is about me needing help to repair it
here is a Picture:

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  1. I can't really tell whats up with the picture ? (upper right missing cap?)

    But I do know they sell those adapters at Wal-Mart now for like 10$ they work with Game Cube, PS1/2, Xbox controllers and it functions as a 4 port USB hub. One problem for me is the lack of Vista drivers, although they may have that fixed by now. *checks web page*

    No but it works with vista as long as you install the drivers before you connect it.
  2. If its just the USB, change the cable.

    They should be color coded.

    Its hard to see in the pic, but worst case you can meter the cables to the plug if its still has some function.
  3. i forget what the colors are.
    any help
  4. i mean on the converter
  5. Not sure if this is right:


    but it does label the USB on the lower right hand side.
  6. check the board to see if there is any writing, they normally have it +5 GND D+ D-

    EDIT. above post is much better.
  7. never mind i got the power down pat, and how i found out is I took a battery and put a wire to one point of it, it lit up so after that, i solidered the power wire on the board,then the data wire,A.K.A, the white and green wire were left,so i ramdonly soldiered them in the middle of the red and black wires, and it worked.
    so the lesson is if you are solidering and don't know where to put some wires at,just guess on where they where at last time and you will sometimes get it.
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