Should I just index my entire computer?

I know that normally, you shouldn't do that because it loses its advantage. However, if you have an ssd with a random 4kb read speed of ~.2ms, I'd imaging that it could find a tiny little index marker really quick. So with an ssd, would there be a performance gain by indexing everything?
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    I would always index everything. It doesn't lose its advantage - an index is faster to search than the same number of files (unindexed), so even on a conventional hard drive, it is worth it.
  2. the other option is to know where everything is yourself and turn indexing off
  3. Why? Even when you know where something is, it is still sometimes faster to just use the start search.

    Honestly, indexing is one of my favorite of the new features vista added.
  4. If you search for files by content a lot and if you have a lot of files in a lot of folders, you're going to be better off with indexing even if it is an SSD. It's still faster to do just a few I/Os to load the index into RAM and search it than it is to do hundreds or thousands of I/Os to load and search every individual file.

    On the other hand, if you're like me and hardly ever use search for anything beyond items on the start menu, then you might as well disable it.
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