Flashing BIOS for the 1st time - need some help.

I am getting a new cpu on my P5N32-E SLI. Going from E6700 to E8600. I need to flash the bios but have never done that before. I am running Vista Ultimate 64.

can someone explain the steps? I have already downloaded the latest version to my hdd.

any precautions that I should take?

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  1. depends on what your mobo options are for upgrading. with my Asus P5n-E i am able to download the latest BIOS file from ASUS and put it on a usb stick and then i can go into bios and upgrade it that way. the only other way i know of is loading it via a floppy disk
  2. it's really simple
    1.put your new bios file in a directory where you can easily find it,after you have extracted it form the zip,it should be like so :xxxx.bin,ie it is a binary file,,
    2,your board comes with a util called asus update,install it and follow the instructions for flashing from a file,,
    you might be given the option to save the original bios,your choice,,
    upon reboot go into the bios and make sure everything is as it should be,some folks reset their bios before flashing,again your choice..:)
    note:flash with the oldest cpu just to be sure..:)
  3. Use the EZ Flash 2 utility and a USB stick. Read about it in the PDF manual on page 2-8 (Reader p8). Be sure to default the BIOS after the flash and set the parameters again.

    Do not Flash your BIOS through Windows or you will be sorry.
  4. ^ +1

    totally agreed with Zorg, flashing bios through windows is so risky, if something goes wrong such as a power failure or your internet connection dying or BSOD or whatever, good chance your mobo is gone as most BIOS chips these days are soldered on directly to the mobo.
  5. thanks. how do I find out what version of BIOS I currently have? I cant seem to find it in the bios menus anywhere.

  6. Download CPU-Z and look at the mainboard tab.
  7. ok, updated the bios. everything seemed to go well. bios said it was complete and that it would restart in 5 seconds. however, upon restart, it didnt post or anything. now I get nothing fans spool up, thats it.

    I think I fried my mb!
  8. I dont know why this happened. but I popped out the battery on the board for 5 minutes and restarted and all *appears* to be ok. Bios is now showing the updated version. phew!
  9. Yeah, whenever the mobo fails to post like that the first thing to to is default the BIOS.

    Congratulations on a successful flash.
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