So I ordered from Newegg today....

Well... I tried to order yesterday AND today, and it was the most ridiculous bull$hit I have ever been through.

My card was declined eight times. After neweggs failed attempts to override my debit card, it was still declined. After five hours of calling my bank and newegg, back and forth, waiting, and more calling between today and yesterday, I decide it was newegg's fault. My bank told newegg to call them, so I told the little drone of newegg to give them a call. The supervisor at newegg told me he would 'get right on that'. Two hours later I give newegg a call and guess what? The supervisor didn't call.

They told me within 24 hours the payment will go through. I highly doubt it.

Anyone have issues like this with newegg?

I thought I would share.
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  1. Never and Ive bought from them for over three years.
  2. The only issue I can think of is your multiple attempts at the purchase probably flagged the account as a possible stolen card.

    Only once, amongst several dozen orders over the past four years, has my bank declined a purchase order from Newegg. Two calls (one to Newegg, one to my bank) resolved the issue. In my case, it was determined that I entered the incorrect expiration date on my debit card when I placed my order.

    -Wolf sends
  3. ive had no problems with newegg. the order went smoothly, and the parts got here quickly
  4. my parts still arn't here, in fact, they have not even shipped them. lol. its been almost a week since they have my payment, and not a single change in my step process/shipping. they offered me 25$ off because of the delay, although, i think they lied, because i was not refunded anything yet.
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