Looking to upgrade my PC

I'm looking to upgrade my pc i built this system 2 years ago

here are the specs

AMD Athlon 3600+ X2 AM2
MSI Platinum K9n
nVidia 7600Gt
4 GB ram (recently upgraded from 2gb)
Antec 500w PSU

I don't want to change my motherboard

my main question is that which processors should I consider upgrading to? Is this this best time to upgrade or is AMD releasing new processor that will be compatible to AM2?

I plan on buying the 4850 soon.

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  1. http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=K9N_Platinum

    Not a bad board. Has PCI-E. And you got a good psu, you can throw in a HD4850 and see the games fly. The cpu is 1.9Ghz dualie, which is fine for most games. Try out the new gpu and see if you need more cpu power.

    No, AMD won't be releasing any new AM2 cpus, but they're going to release new AM2+ cpu. The new Phenoms. To be honest, you should just pick up a HD4850 & save up for AM3 which is out at the end of year.
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