XFX 8600 GT 512 - you ever overclock one?


Core Bus: 540
Memory Bus: 400
Fan: Auto

GPU Temp
Idle: 55 c
Load: 72 c

Anyone tweak this humble card a little using the Nvidia Control panel?

What settings?
What temps?
What to look out for?
Any other insights?

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  1. I have never had this card, but if it's like the 8800 series, keep the shader clock and core clocks linked, and just start raising them.
    Don't mess with the memory speed, leave it stock.
  2. so where do i adjust shader clock?

  3. this is what i got my 8600 gt to do.
  4. Not bad at all! Good work.

    I upgraded my 8600 for a XFX GeForce GTS 250 Core Edition.

    Made a big difference

    therussian747 said:

    this is what i got my 8600 gt to do.
  5. Yea im getting sick of my 8600 gt so im getting a m17 from alienware
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