Computer can read hard drive but wont boot from it

My computer spontaneously rebooted and then would not boot to the hard drive. I have Windows XP SP3 and a SATA hard drive. I can boot using my XP CD. After booting using the CD, I can read the files on the hard drive. When starting the computer, it will go through the entire BIOS startup but, when it should be starting Windows from the hard drive, the cursor drops down one line then everything stops there with a blinking cursor. I have tried to repair the install using the XP disk but after the restart it just hangs there with a blinking cursor. Does anyone have an idea?
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  1. If it has mounting difficulties, it's well worth using the CD to get to the Command Prompt and type in chkdsk /r (including the space then hit Enter. A five stage process will ensue after which you may restart normally. If you do, go in and de-clutter, then defragment the data. Back up all your personal files because you may have escaped what will one day be a dying hard disk.
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