HD4850 Thermal Pad or Thermal Paste?

List your brand of HD4850 and if you have upgraded cooling system did you notice if the GPU of HD4850 used any type of thermal pad or thermal paste?
What about vRAM? Did the stock heat sink on the vRAM have thermal paste of thermal pad?

I have a HD4850 by PowerColor and will find out later today what it uses. My intentions are to add Zalman Super thermal paste to all areas that are in contact with heat sink if possible.

Has anyone else done this?


Not recommended?
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  1. I am pretty sure at stock it's paste on the GPU and pads on RAM and voltage regulators. You must use pads on the latter two with the stock cooling solution because you need that thickness for decent contact. The stock pads seem to be of a relatively poor quality on the RAM, but there is really no way around it; they're almost 1/16" thick.
  2. yo. check out this. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/252514-33-fitting-accelero-4850

    the cooler came with thermal paste for the gpu. while the rams were covered with some kind of thick paste or more like a pad i guess.
  3. So you used thermal paste on vRAM instead of thermal pad?

    Could you please post your HD4850 and specs related to this thread?

    Alot of great info and pics in your thread.

  4. i used the normal thermal pads that came with the heatsinks for both RAM and PWM.

    i had the HIS reference design.

    if you want to use a thermal grease on the heatsinks for ram and PWM. ull have to add some supper glue at the corner. so that the heatsinks stick to the chips.
  5. night wolf I added some Zalman Super Grease to my PowerColor HD4850 today. Has thermal tape everywher except for the GPU. Mine was loaded with thermal paste from the factory. I took it all off and put some Zalman Super Grease on it. Cooled it down just a little. :) I'm posting a separate thread for that.

    I deffinitely want to upgrade VGA cooler but I want a kit that uses the stock screw mount holes and comes with heat sinks that use them along with some killer thermal tape or a proven thermal grease solution.

    I was suprised to find a think plastic layer like a clear sticker all along the heat sink except where it made contact with parts of the board of the HD4850. Probably some kind of non conductive protectection. I left it in place though it seems like it would keep the heat in.

    I'm looking forward to a better VGA cooler for the card though the stock one works decent it looks like people are getting better results with "ghetto" applications.
  6. any one know where the to get Nvidia or ATI heat pads as i need replace ment ones
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