New Coolermaster 932 HAF case

I went to Fry's Electronics today with the intention of purchasing an Antec 1200 case until I saw the new Coolermaster 932 HAF.

Does anyone have one yet? Any comments?
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  1. Great case , tons of room even with my dual radiator mounted inside top of case. There is a cutout behind the motherboard so can install any cpu cooler without removing the Motherboard.
    Cable management is good. You can hide everything out of sight.
  2. anglerbrian,

    I bought one 10 days ago. There is another thread where I made several posts about the new case.

    One correction - The motherboard tray has a square hole which makes it easy to remove large heatsinks attached to Intel CPU's without removing the motherboard. Unfortunately you can't remove large heatsinks attached to AMD CPU's. The AMD retention bracket and backplate are not square. The bracket and backplate are rectangular. Their length extends beyond the square hole. I had to install the CPU and heatsink on the motherboard first.
  3. well a little modding could always make the hole a little bigger, no?
  4. Yes, the hole in the motherboard tray could be made larger but I am going to leave it alone. The tray is heavy duty steel. I don't normally change cpu's and heatsinks anyway. I have drilled blow holes in the top of cases in the past.

    However, I have been thinking about some other mods. When I was at Fry's I saw flexible plastic tubing. They had flexible tubing that looked like shiny chrome and it was available in several diameters. There is a lot of room between the front of the motherboard and the back of the drive cages. I might get a large one for the SATA cables. Just run it down the motherboard tray, along the bottom of the case over to the SATA headers on the motherboard. Maybe do the same thing for the 24 pin power cable. Might give it a nice futuristic look.
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