8800GTS G92 or 9800GTX G92?

EVGA GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB 256-bit GDDR3


XFX PVT98FYDDU GeForce 9800 GTX(G92) XXX 512MB 256-bit GDDR3

these cards are both really good and would be a really good upgrade for me from my crapped out PNY Geforce 7950GT 512mb ddr2 which doesn't work anymore anyway..

which do you guys think?
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  1. At only a $20 difference the 9800 ....as long as it fits.
  2. why you don't get hd4850 it's cheaper than 9800 gtx . or if you want more power buy a hd4870 or more wait for hd4870 x2.
    now ATI is pretty cool.
    IF you want Nvidia buy 9800 gtx +
  3. They are both the same card really. But, go with the 9800. I put one in my wifes system I built her a few months ago, I picked it over the 8800G92 because the 9800 seems to run alot cooler, I got it down to 35c idle and 47c full load with 40% fan speed, and it aint really that loud. This was when they were still $300.
  4. ya i would go with the 9800gtx+ runs cooler and oc much higher.
    But if u wanted the 8800gts or 9800gtx i would go with the 9800gtx slightly higher avg fps.
  5. I have the 8800 gts g92 and it is amazing runs crysis maxed out 1440x900 with average of 40fps.
    The 9800 really is the same card with a new name. You will be pleased no matter what
  6. yeah basically I play with resolutions at like 1280x1024, or around there, not any higher really and my old PNY Geforce 7950GT fit just fine in my case.. so yeah idk

    they are both priced around the same too both G92s
  7. I'm alittle concerned about the size though also, I don't have a humongous case, it's pretty big but still
  8. shayan08 said:
    why you don't get hd4850 it's cheaper than 9800 gtx . or if you want more power buy a hd4870 or more wait for hd4870 x2.
    now ATI is pretty cool.
    IF you want Nvidia buy 9800 gtx +

    he hit the jackpot.

    the 4850 is cheaper than 9800GTX and it makes the GTX cry like a baby.
  9. nah not going for the 4850, like I stated before, and it doesn't lol
  10. One of the choices in my threat topic please, lol NOT the 4850, I don't want it lol
  11. the other cards I hand-picked on my topic are great for my low res 1280x1024 res on my smaller LCD screen monitor.

    what do you guys think at my res..
  12. 4850 4850 4850 and ... wait for it ... 48 frickin 50.
  13. or how about this,

    what is a step up from the 4850?
  14. 4870, GTX 260. Dont bother with the GTX 260.
  15. sorry bro, but i got another vote for the 4850, you can find them for as low as 150 bucks now with rebates and they really compete in the market very well. and it will be MILES and MILES ahead of the 7950
  16. 4850......is your friend........4850
  17. oh I know that, but I want somethin better..
  18. Then get 2........
  19. then I would have to upgrade my motherboard for xfire and ****, when I don't plan on it and I'm not now
  20. then dont get a 9800 gtx
    wow you people reply fast, that was to the post 3 up from mine
  21. 8800GTS SUPER OC is your best friend.
  22. Well the bottom line is the 4850 is best in its price range. If you want saomething better and don't want to crossfire you will have to spend more....such as 4870, 4870X2, GTX 260......BOTTOM LINE!
  23. hmm uh huh helios
  24. Why don't you tell us exactly what kind of performance you are looking for, what you power supply is, how long before you plan to upgrade and how much you want to spend, and then we can give you a definite answer.

    We really are trying to help you, but you need to want the help.
  25. ok.. I want to be able to play any game at the res of 1280x1024 seamlessly, no probs, I have an ULTRA 600 watt ATX PSU, and I am going away to college for another semester so I want to be good for like 6 months at most without any upgrade.
  26. The next level of performance above the 4850, 9800GTX, and8800GTS is the GTX260, and 4870. The main 3 performance/price levels are listed below. Even the bottom level will run ANY game at that low of a resolution FLAWLESSLY!

    GTX280, 9800GX2
    4870, GTX260
    8800GTS, 9800GTX, 4850
  27. The 4850 can play basically anything out there except crysis at max settings at 1680 x 1050, and you are gonna be playing at a much lower resolution. There really is no reason to keep putting down the 4850 unless you are hard on with nvidia. The 4850 beats the G92 cards, the 9800GTX+, and its even with the GTX 260. These are facts man. The 4850 hovers around $150, these other cards you are looking at offer lower performance, higher power consumption, and are a few bucks more.
  28. hmmm true
  29. thanks spathotan
  30. The verdict is that you are very rude to have two threads going at the same time on the same subject so many can waste their time giving you the same info already provided on the other thread.

  31. No I'm not people look at different threads, and I'm trying to get a justified answer

    and that answer seams to be the Radeon 4850, which brand is the best warranty and price-wise?
  32. VisionTek has a lifetime warranty.


    You were going to buy this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130376 , which is MUCH larger and eats more power, and $10 more. Or you were gonna get this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127325 (the cheapest one up there) which is handled by the 4850.
  33. Would the HD4870 be like overkill at my res, or?
  34. Yea preety much.
  35. so I should just hit up that Visiontek HD4850 and it will be real good for awhile, maybe with my cpu/mobo upgrade I can Xfire another one sometime like christmas 08' or something
  36. Crossfire 4850's smash everything basically. Except the obvious stuff of course.
  37. mf2385 said:
    the answer seems to be the Radeon 4850, which brand is the best warranty and price-wise?

    Anonymous said:

    I would say get either that card, or, if you want a cheaper option, get this card: http://fxvideocards.com/ZOTAC-GeForce-8800-GTS-G92-512MB-ZT-88SES2P-FSP-256-bit-GDDR3-PCI-Express-2.0-x16-HDCP-Ready-SLI-ZOTAC-Video-Card-p-16280.html

    It will be about 10% slower than the HD 4850, but it'll cost about 20% less after rebates on both cards. It also has a hefty dual slot cooler instead of the HD 4850's single slot (single slot recirculates the hot air back into the case; dual slot exhausts the hot air out the back and is quieter).
  38. i predict a similar thread going up by the same dude within the next week
  39. avenger, i think these guys got me with the 4850 finally, it only makes sense now with my budget, my resolution, my monitor and cpu
  40. and 1 more thing what about the Sapphire HD 4850 TOXIC version, its oced to 675 and 2200mhz memory clock more.. look:

  41. Thats lame, dont bother with that. Its only a 25mhz OC on the core. The zalman cooler is nice but ugly and big, dont know why they didnt put there VapourX cooler on it like the other Toxic. Not worth the extra $$.
  42. You are all just repeating information this guy has already gotten on the other four sites he has on the same subject.

    Apparently this poor guy is to be pitied because he has nothing better to do with his time than repeatedly ask the same question. But shame on him for abusing the time of people here to help others.

    Video card/mem upgrade
    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/253999-31-video-card-upgrad 3 replies
    started 7:27 at 4:50 am

    What is..
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    about CPU and video card upgrade

    System Upgrade help
    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/254017-31-what - 4 replies
    asking what card is one step up from 4850
  43. I am actually bored, I don't have anything to do right now lol if u seriously have nothing to do for yourself then "THINK" you are pitying me then YOU are the loser my friend

  44. The guy is just trying to piece together his system rockyjohn, and wants USEFULL opinions which is what these help forums are for. Unless you are actively tracking this guys every move, which you are, then why the hell does it bother you? Really?

    If you have nothing to add to the table here then just go over to something awful.
  45. NO you are the loser - anyone that abuses others time just because they are bored is a very sad loser.
  46. lol im not abusing anyones time no one has to read the threads, lol your the one getting upset this is amusing now haha
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