GA-P35-DS3L: Freezes at first screen

Hi *,

I'm a HW novice when it comes to assembling. Recently I bought all the needed stuff for a desktop PC for basic gaming. I had a guy from a local [reputed] shop come to my place and assemble the whole thing.

Problem is once everything was put together and he switched on the PC, Gigabyte welcome screen appeared on the monitor (like this one Pressing any key on the keyboard had no effect and that screen remained on monitor forever.

The assembler assured me that keyboard was properly connected and so on.. (one of the LEDs on the keyboard was on). Also at the boot time mobo gave one single short beep, which according to mobo documentation that means booting went thru fine.

Finally he asked me to check with the Gigabyte support. Unfortunately I bought the mobo in US (from newegg) and I'm in India. So far I've been unable to find where is this "Gigabyte support" in India.

Any help is appreciated..

Here is all the info I can think abt the HW:
- GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L Mobo (LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX) rev 2.0 (need to confirm the rev no again if it matters)
- Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66 GHz, 4MB L2, 1333 FSB)
- mobo has no built in graphics card.
- SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 3850 512MB (GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16)
- Corsair 2GB DDR2 800 MHz
- Seagate 80GB HDD 7200rpm
- Dell 19" monitor (Dell E198WFP, Flat panel LCD)
- 400 W power source
- PS2 keyboard
- USB mouse
- As we couldn't get past the first screen the PC has no OS etc of course. :(

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  1. Try booting the system with 1 DIMM RAM, CPU, and video card ONLY. Unplug everything else. You don't need a hard drive or optical drive to get to BIOS post. So, unplug the hard drive, optical drives, etc. If the system still will not boot up into system BIOS, you may have to reset the CMOS jumper and default the BIOS. Be sure to unplug the PSU and remove the battery when you reset the CMOS jumper. Instructions are in your manual.
  2. 1. By 1 DIMM I suppose you mean one single memory module ? If so, it's a single module of 2GB.
    2. Lets say I got into the BIOS post. Do I need to change anything before I connect the rest of the stuff (HDD, opt drive,...) and reboot ?

    Thanks, I'll try n see what happens. :sweat:
  3. Yeah, use only one DIMM, not both. That single DIMM and the CPU and video card ONLY. Unplug everything else. Corsair PC26400 800MHz. is going to require 2.0-2.1v. You will have to set the voltage value in BIOS once there. BIOS will default to 1.8v and could cause instability especially when both DIMMs are powered up and undervolted by default.
  4. A couple of other things. After you get into BIOS with the minimum hardware like I suggested, you have only a 400w power supply. That could be weak with a 4850 and a hard drive and optical drives, etc. added on. A good 550w PSU would probably do you well. Also, one other are using a PS2 keyboard. Is it old? Do you know it's in good working order? You might want to try a USB keyboard if you are not sure. HTH.
  5. It sounds like he only has a single memory stick; one 2GB DIMM.

    @OP, if you end up having to replace your RAM, a pair of 1GB sticks will give slightly better performance than a single 2GB stick. To avoid the instability problems badge describes, find some that will run at the JEDEC standard 1.8V. I've used Mushkin and A-Data without problems.
    In the meantime, the BIOS reset that badge suggests is the first thing to try.
    A 400W PSU should be enough for that system, if it is of reasonable quality. What brand and model is it?
  6. >> A good 550w PSU would probably do you well.
    Not that it matters but I told the assembler that 400W might be a problem, he had brought his own 500W PSU, which he tried on. Same result.

    >> you are using a PS2 keyboard. Is it old? Do you know it's in good working order?
    It's a brand new one. But haven't checked with another comp as I've just got a laptop at home currently without docking station, viz in office with me right now.

    >> A 400W PSU should be enough for that system, if it is of reasonable quality. What brand and model is it?
    I don't know. Came with an iBall cabinate. Will check it up.

    @Badge: You said "That could be weak with a 4850"
    - hope you meant 6850 ?

    Thanks again..
  7. First a correction the RAM is Transcend 2GB JETRAM DDR2 800 (not Corsair as I claimed earlier). Rest of the info is correct. And I couldn't find it in teh "supported mem list" for my mobo on gigabyte site (

    It didn't work..
    1. I removed everything except RAM (one DIMM), CPU and the Graphics Card and booted up, it gave a single beep (boot okay), showed the first screen and then no effect of any key press.
    2. After I reset the CMOS and connected the things back (again only the RAM, CPU and Graphics Card) ended up with ditto result.

    I'm yet to check the keyboard with another comp though. I don't have a spare VGA card or mem stick so can't check with those.

    I "reset CMOS" for the first time in my life and also saw that it worked for someone else ( So just to be sure that I did it right, this is how I did it: there is a jumper next to battery. I put a screw driver's flat end between the 2 pins for abt 10 secs. Also shorted it using a USB connector's surface for 10+ seconds. (of course I had removed the PSU).

    PSU is LPE223-400 and the cabinet is this:

    Any other ideas are welcome as for me to send the Mobo back to US to get it changed etc is almost out of question. :(
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