best antec 900 fan settings?

i have an antec 900 with two extra tricool fans (one one side and one in middle of front side of inside). what are the best settings (low med or high for each fan) to put these fans on for cooling my temps cause i get 85 gpu load temps and 45 cpu load temps and i want to reduce gpu temps.
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  1. Well, if you want to reduce temps, then put the fans on their highest settings!

    I took a slightly different approach and replaced all my fans with 88cfm yate loons, however it is a bit loud.
  2. Which ever suit your needs best and the noise level can be tolerated.

    I have all mine on medium and it keeps things nice and cool. Just make sure to have good cable management so the airflow is not getting blocked at all and is allowed to flow cleanly through the case.

    Where have you put your hard drives? one of the things I noticed that made a huge difference to the temps was to keep them in the first bay at the bottom. This allows for the middle bay to push clean cool air straight into the case over the GPU,NB & CPU!
  3. Get Riva Tuner and increase your gpu fan speed.
    Put the top and back case fans on high and the front fans on low.
    Set the side fan to low or medium.
  4. All on medium and top on high.
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