Windows not booting, new system, please help.

I post this on the M/B forum because I heard a lot of people had simillar problems with M3A so here we go:

Just built a new rig today, my motherboard is Asus M3A78-T with the processor AMD Phenom 9550 and 4GB of GSkill RAM.

I used my 4 years old SATA HDD on the system, which is the only HDD I have.

The system opens up and runs BIOS just fine, but Windows won't load. The HDD has XP 32bit in it but I also have Vista 64 on DVD which I want to install on the new system.

When I try to load from the HDD (Master, SATA slot 1) get a blink of a Blue screen when it tries to load Windows from the HDD and then the computer resets, unable to load it. When I put the Vista 64 or XP 32 DVD in the drive (which is set as first boot drive and also is master IDE drive) it doesn't recognize it as a valid boot disc.

The motherboard only had 2 IDE slots so I used them on the 2 DVD drives and I have used none for FDD, which is just there doing nothing at the moment.

What do I need to do in order to boot Vista 64 from the DVD so I can format the HDD and then normally run Windows? Do Vista also need a boot floppy for the SATA HDD? Because I thought they didn't.

And something else: the LED on the M/B is constantly green, what exactly does that mean? Do I need to reverse the pins? I read something on the FAQ but I didn't understand exactly.

Thank you in advance for your time.
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  1. Well, I know when I get that error (boot up to quick bsod) that it means either:
    1. Reset bios
    2. Corrupted files

    Try resetting your bios and hopefully you will at least be able to boot off the dvd.
  2. Maybe a broken wire in the IDE cable.
    Did you fold the cable?
  3. Do you see the IDE drives in the bios?
  4. If I understand correctly, you moved the disk with the OS installed from the old PC and tried to boot it in the new PC without reformating? THe failure of windows to load is common as if the underlying hardware changes too much Windows can't handle it.

    As far as the reformatting goes, I would double check the BIOS settings, I had no issue with Vista detecting and isntalling onto a SATA drive (or most builds of XP for that matter). The actual problem isn't clear to me, is it failing to detect the XP/Vista CD as a valid boot disk or the HDD as a valid install location? I'm assuming that it is not correctly detecting the CD from my reading of the issue but it could go either way. It sounds to me like the BIOS settings are not correct as you have tried two disks, have you tried the other DVD drive?
  5. Have you tried booting from the other DVD drive? Can other systems boot from your Vista or XP DVDs?
  6. Make sure the jumpers are set correctly on the IDE drives.
  7. It sounds like the motherboard is defaulting to AHCI mode in the BIOS which requires a special driver at install time. You can set up your SATA drive to run in IDE mode and it should allow you to install Vista. Or you can download the AHCI driver and put it on either a floppy or USB stick. When Vista asks for the driver for the drive, point it to the floppy or USB stick.
  8. Is the Vista an upgrade or a full install? If it's an upgrade cd you need to run it inside your existing OS.
    Your going to need your XP cd to repair your current installation, since you move your HD to a new M/B. Once that done you should be able to use your Vista cd to upgade your xp.
    btw: If you repair it make sure that you upgrade because most likely you're going to have issue if you decide to keep your current install of xp.
    goog luck
  9. First of all, thanks for the interest people,

    Moving on to some answers that may help you identify the issue:

    1) HDD is set on IDE and not AHCI.
    2) I double checked the IDE cables, so they are properly in place.
    3) I'm booting from the correct DVD, which is also the Master IDE drive, don't know if it needs to be but anyway...
    4) It seems to identify the DVD yet it is unable to boot from it. Pretty weird, haven't seen anything simillar before (I'm pretty old at this stuff actually, never had this unbootable message though).
    5) The DVD is indeed bootable because I also used it for my brother's computer and booted from it no problem. And also I tried an XP CD I knew it was bootable just to see if it boots and it didn't.

    Maybe I should swap the IDE cable with the older one I had to see if it's malfunctioning? Could it be a problem BIOS upgrade could fix?

    Sorry if I didn't answer all the questions, I'm a bit tired because I built the computer from zero and I've been plugging and unplugging all day.
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