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Hello all,
I was working on my neighbor's computer and I had a program format my 16GB Lexar (FAT32) flash drive and make it bootable recovery disk. It didn't seem like a bad idea at the time but it the recovery program is kind of old and it formatted my flash drive to the FAT format and now the capacity won't go over 4GB. I've tried reformatting it to FAT32 but I still can't change the capacity with the windows format utility. Any help with this would be very appreciated. Thank you.
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    Are you talking about the total capacity of the flash card, or the fact that FAT32 can't hold files larger than 4GB?

    In other words, can you put sixteen 1GB files on your drive, but not one 16GB file?

    If so, the only way around that is to format the drive as NTFS.
  2. Right. I know that you can't go over a certain file size on FAT32, I just use it to interface with my PS3. It seems as though the drive's capacity has actually changed.
  3. Okay, problem solved. I had to go into disk manager and repartition the drive but because it was removable I couldn't do so without using a tool called Lexar BootIt to "flip the removable bit", which I suppose just tells your system if it's a removable drive or not. Anyway, it worked.
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