E5200 overclocking help!

Hi I have Recently made my first pc (I am 16)

Spec: Pre-Overclocked E5200 @ 3.33 Ghz - Stock cooler.
500GB Hardrive, Dvd drive etc

My cpu temp currently idles around 20-25 degrees :D which I think is pretty good considering it already being overclocked.

I would like to overclock the processor more. I have tried to do it using a peace of software that came with my computer but it just freezes when changes have taken place.

Any advise on what to set my voltage etc to? through Bios

Your Sincerely Simon Linton-Smith
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  1. Any1?
  2. I wouldn't reccomend overclocking with software, overclocking should be done in the BIOS. You need to raise the FSB, but you also need to check for stability and temperatures.
  3. Yeah, go in the bios.
  4. ok thanks
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