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So I got a P4 rebuild done for web surfing and what not, I decided to play around the BIOS abit. So whenever I raise the FSB, it rasies the RAM. However I cannot find a setting to change the FSB:RAM ratio. It only lets me choose RAM voltage and timings. The RAM i'm using is a Samsung 1GB (came in Dell) 533Mhz DDR2 stick with a P4M900-M4 motherboard from Biostar.

The Motherboard only accepts DDR2-533 and DDR2-667, will changing my RAM allow me to overclock further? I can only get it stable at 2.45Ghz (from 2.0Ghz.)

Thanks! :lol:
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  1. Welcome to Dell. The option to overclock is pretty limited, I'm surprised they let you up the FSB. Overclocking options are not normally found in OEM machines, consider youself lucky you got it up to 2.45GHz.
  2. No this is a custom build from a Pentium 4 as stated above....
  3. if it lets you, set the ram to 400mhz, so wen u oc it will go to 533 or less, only if ur sure that the ram is the limiting factor, ie you tested the ram in another machine at the ocd speed and it became unstable buy 800mhz ad wen it detects at 533 then oc , try raising the voltage to 1.9v, or raising the timings or both good luck, i hav a 478, 2.4 i think, i dont hav a board :-(
  4. Odd, I could have swarn he said he rebuilt a dell. Must have got confused when he mentioned where the ram came from.

    You can try looking for a bios update. Might help.
  5. Thanks, manually setting the RAM at 533Mhz doesn't do anything. Can you guys reccomend a good stick of DDR2 RAM (Has to be 533Mhz or 667Mhz) that is overclockable? lol.
  6. cant u set it to 400, if that dosent help then the limiting factor iz not the ram
  7. Thanks, xaira for the suggestion. The board doesn't support DDR2 800Mhz RAM so the only settings are 200Mhz,266Mhz, & 333Mhz. Even though I set it to anyone of those settings whenver I overclock the RAM gets overclocked too.
  8. Ok, Well I exchanged for another Biostar P4M900-M4 board since there was some trouble with the PCIe 16x slot.

    The new board actually stays at the manually set RAM speed this time allowing me to overclock to 2.48Ghz.

    Before I got mixed up, the old board only went up to 2.25Ghz not 2.45Ghz.
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