PCI Express x16 slot, orange?

Hey guys, haven't been here for a long time. So my friend who is an avid gamer like me has a fairly old computer: AMD 3600+ X2, Integrated GeForce 6100 nforce 405, and 1GB of ram (DDR2-533 or 667, I forgot) He wants to be able to play newer games and his dad agreed on buying him a graphic card now, and another gig of ram later. I went on futureshop.ca and bestbuy.ca and the best I could come up was this: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0665000FS10101194&catid=10524&logon=&langid=EN which is the HD 3650 DDR2 1GB. You guys might tell me to order something better from newegg or some other place but there are 2 problems: His dad doesn't want to order online. His pc is pre-built with a 250W PSU and I heard the 3650 was wonderful in terms of power.
I wanted to know whether his PC would support PCI-e x16 or not so I opened up his case and found 2 AGP slots, with a pci-e x1 beside it and then another one that seemed like a PCI-e x16 slot. However, in my PC it's black and his was orange so I was wondering if it's possible to have a PCI-express x16 slot that's orange. Under that slot it says PCI EXPRESS. Could someone tell me if the slot can indeed be orange. Or could you somehow find out judging from the integrated GF 6100 nforce 405 chipset whether or not his mobo supports PCI-Express x16?

P.S: I know that his PSU is really **** but you can't replace em in pre-built ones, his is an Acer. Also, mine is an HP, pre-built and came with a 300W PSU and I'm running a Q6600, 2gb ram ddr2-667 and a 512MB HD2600XT so I figured if he got lucky like me, it would indeed work. Does anyone know if the 3650 requires any cables?

Finally what do you think about his final setup as far as gaming goes?: AMD 3600+ X2, 2GB RAM, HD3650 1GB, he'll be playing on a 1440x900 resolution. I know the CPU ain't exactly the best. And I don't think he's going to overclock using the AMD software because of the fact he's running on a crap PSU. I know the 1gb on the video card is pointless but his dad wants to physically go out to a store in MONTREAL, Canada, and buy the video card with his own hands and that's the best one I could find. If you can find better, with low PSU requirements, tell me. Budget: 130 bucks or less w/o taxes.

edit: Scratch the no-online thing. Is there a website that ships to Montreal, Qc, Canada that has a good video card for 130 bucks or less?
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  1. Dude, you can replace the psu. I did it to my compaq and im sure if you look on the power supply itself, it will say the size. Some version of ATX.
  2. Oh, even if they could they're not planning on doing so because it would raise the price. They're basically trying to squeeze as much performance as they can for a low price. 130 for the 3650, 25 bucks for the ram. That's the best I could come up with from futureshop.ca

    edit: Right now the main concern is the thread title
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