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So i tried to boot up my older PC yesterday and it would boot into windows but the screen would have random dis-colored pixels and it was preventing me from doing just about anything on the computer. Now here is where the problem entails...

My specs are as follows...
BFG 6800gt-oc
asus p4c800-E Deluxe mobo
p4 2.8ghz
1.5gb ddr 2 *not sure what fbs*
and a 500w PSU...

Now i did switch out the card for a 6200 which has no molex connector for power which really leaves me to two diffrent forks in the road. Is the gfx card dead? or is my PSU on its death bed???

i have no other system to try the 6800 in unfortuneatley =(... is there any easy way for me to test out how much power is going through the mobo or being used??? thanks!
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  1. That usually indicates a bad card, probably the VRAM. OC'ed components generally have higher risks of failing even when cooled properly.

    The 6800GT doesn't really need alot of power until the 3D part of it kicks in (games). Just looking at your components, I doubt it would consume more than 150w when idle and probably no more than 270w under load. The only way to actually measure the power consumption is to buy a Kill-A-Watt electrical outlet measuring device.
  2. If possible I would reduce the overclock on the card. Then again you stated the discoloration prevents you from doing just about anything.
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