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driver scanner is telling me I need to update to version from version 5.1.2600.0. It downloads to install but doesn't complete as it says the original download was not installed properly... so how do I fix that or get the proper download driver for this?
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    What could possibly be gained from an updated printer port driver? Super-fast printing? Think again. Some of those new drivers are Not made for XP, but rather Vista or Win 7.

    I absolutely hate to tell anyone to do a System Restore Point Rollback. I'll only do it to revive a dead machine, or one that is beyond any other help, and now is no different.

    Go to Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Device manager, Ports,

    Right-click on your printer port, select properties, click the Driver tab, click "Roll back driver"

    Now, hope your old driver is still around and leave it there in service.
    If the driver is not available, delete the port. Click "Action" at top of device manager, select "Scan for hardware changes" and let windows put back it's own driver.

    Uncheck whatever you need to have your driver scanner skip devices that never, ever, need an updated driver (such as a 56K modem, printer ports, keyboards, etc.) Some devices just plug along and work for the life of the machine and never give any trouble. Don't mess with those type devices.
  2. HI Tig... I did as you said... I had to uninstall and when windows added it back... I tried to update but only got the same error... so I guess it really is not needed?
    I was not able to change the settings on the power suite for the driver scanner... but will have to ignore that update I guess.
    thanks for explaining all this...learned new things from all you shared!
  3. It's the same old song.. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, if it works perfectly, don't mess with it.

    Some devices will really work better and better with updated drivers, Video for one, Sound sometimes, but printer ports, modems.. nothing to gain or improve.
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  5. Thanks for your help...really appreciate it!
  6. And thank you for the vote! :)
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