will keyboard/mouse come on if cpu is bad?

I did a search and could not find a specific answer to this.

I have a homebuilt system that was working flawlessly for 4 months then froze one day and now will not post, I'm trying to track down the problem and could use some help.

when I switch on the computer it does not post, the cpu fans and hard drives spin up, the dvd drive turns on and I'm able to open it. The keyboard and mouse which are both usb do not power on (no lights on either)

There are no beeps from the motherboard either. There is no internal speaker on my case but the beeps have always come through the external speakers which are plugged into the motherboards onboard sound card.

I've tried a new power supply, new RAM, and new Video Card with no luck. I've also tried powering up with the motherboard outside the case to make sure it wasn't a short.

So at this point my two remaining suspects are the motherboard and the cpu, unfortunately I don't have a replacement for either to test. My Motherboard has two power connectors, one 24 pin in the frontand one 8 pin in the back, and I suspect that the rear 8 pin connector is not functioning, as that is what powers the rear panel connectors (where the mouse and keyboard are plugged in)

So my question is this: If both power connectors are working properly, but the cpu is bad, would the keyboard and mouse still come on even if the computer does not post?

my specs:
mobo: asus m3a32-mvp deluxe
cpu: amd phenom 9600
psu: antec quattro 1000w
RAM: 2x 1GB Crucial Ballistix
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  1. well i cant say as i have the answer but, on my computer the keyboard will turn on when the computer starts to post. after post the keyboard will turn of for a few seconds then turn back on just before the computer gets to the welcome/log in screen.

    i see that you have a phenom. i know that phenoms have had some problems with cores being bad. have you checked to see if any one has had a phenom go bad after 4 months or so?
  2. The keyboard and mouse are not likely to illuminate until their drivers load, particularly since they are USB. If your mouse and/or keyboard were PS/2, they might get +5VSB power and stay "live," although KB status lights are still dependent on the OS and driver.
    The 8-pin connector in the back is for your CPU's power. If it is bad, the CPU won't get power, and your system will stay dead.
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