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Hello all, I was just wondering if i was doing something wrong... anyway, I have bought 2 optical drives a few weeks ago. It was working fine for a week or 2 but recently seemed to have almost ceased working... I didn't attempt to burn a disk until a few hours ago... anyway, I tried to burn a perfectly fine disk on a RiDisc... I use Nero 8. It says it burns it... even says it is completed 100%.... then when i pop the disc back in, it says blank disc, what do you want to do? Then I can even burn another copy on what supposingly is a 'burnt' disc! ?? Must be something wrong... Anyway, I read the manual and they seem to have suggested there are difference colour of cables which came in the box - red, black and yellow. I am using the Red and Grey cables - donno where I got that from and they seem to be reading my HDD fine... Both are in SATA 1 and SATA 3 respectively. The DVDRW drives are connected one using the YELLOW cable to SATA 4 and the other via a RED cable to SATA_RAID1. I went into the menu on at the bios and I am running it on Standard IDE, enhanced mode... Am I doing something wrong? I notice on ebay I can buy a BLACK cable... would that make any difference? Also, if I wanted to run more HDD and DVDRW, how can I connect more because I understand that I will not be able to connect to EZ_RAID1 and EZ_RAID2 because those slots are only used if you want to use RAID which I don't? I just want to run it as your normal average IDE type setup... No fancy things...
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  1. While SATA_RAID1 should be for a hard disk, it might also work for a DVDRW. Have you tried connecting the second DVDRW to SATA_3 and the second disk to EZ_RAID1 or SATA_RAID1? According to the manual, SATA_1 (Red connector) is for the boot disk (if not using RAID).

    Is Onboard IDE Operate Mode set to Compatible Mode?

    I have used a couple different DVDRWs on mine without problems, but I only have 2 SATA disks and one DVDRW.
  2. My P5W DH Deluxe went tits up back in April, and I am still waiting on Asus to get me a replacement for it.
    Everyone that they sent had something wrong with it.
    From bad caps, they were actually leaking.
    To bad power regulators.
    Asus, never again. The DFI board I bought to replace it works like a champ. It also has a better south bridge.
  3. Yeah, set to compatible mode - but it seem to froze when i booted it up on the bios screen... should i set it to PATA or SATA compatible ? If i connected my HDD to the EZ_RAID1/2, would I need to connect it specifically using a red connector? Also, if i have a HDD @ EZ_RAID1, would I need a HDD at 2 even if i'm not wanting it to run as a RAID ?
  4. SATA compatible. You don't need to connect a disk to EZ_RAID2 unless you want to use that RAID setup (as explained in your manual). By default, EZ_RAID is disabled.

    The color of SATA cables means nothing, but the color of SATA connectors on the motherboard helps one identify which group belongs to each controller.
  5. In the bios compatible mode, should I run it in SATA or PATA mode ?
  6. I Just checked my system's configuration and it isn't setup like the manual suggested. When using Windows XP or Vista, it should be configured as follows:

    Configure SATA As [Standard IDE ]
    Onboard IDE Operate Mode [ Enhanced Mode ]
    Enhanced Mode Support on [ S-ATA ]
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