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Belkin router & file sharing

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March 23, 2004 5:27:05 PM

I have a Belkin router which has two computers connected to it. I am using a cable modem. The two computers can connect to the internet but they do not see each other. I cannot share files or use the printer that is connected to the other computer. How can I make the computers see each other? I tried everything in Win Xp but nothing happened. What do I have to do so that I can connect to the other computer? I really need help on this one and I appreciate answers.Thanks.

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March 23, 2004 8:54:58 PM

what about explicitly mapping something?

On one PC, share a folder. Then on the other one, at a DOS prompt type:

net use * \\\share_name

Does that work?

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jlanka (. .)
March 24, 2004 2:49:05 AM

I tried the command but it says "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found" By the way, I have not made any changes on router's setup that is on the net. I just installed the software on each computer and they connected to the net.
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March 24, 2004 3:00:27 AM

try theses commands:
nbtstat -A Ipaddress
nbtstat -a SRVname
net view \\SRVname

and tell me which one worked fine

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jlanka (. .)
March 24, 2004 4:11:20 AM

nbtstat -A Ipaddress worked and gave the computer name and workgroup as registered. I tried to create a workgroup in two computers with same name but still no luck. They have the same workgroup name but they do not see eachother.
March 24, 2004 4:44:36 AM

I included my IP adress in nbtstat -a IPadress and it worked as I mentioned but when I wrote it exactly as you said, all of the commands gave error messages "Host not found" and "Network path was not found".
March 24, 2004 2:50:09 PM

I meant for you to substitute your IP address and host name, not to type IDaddress explicitly.

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jlanka (. .)
March 24, 2004 3:34:49 PM

I know I am being a real pain but how will I substitute my IP adress and host name? If you know any website that explains home networking with routers from the start, it would be very helpful. I do not want to take your time. Thanks for the help so far.