Computer crashing while playing game

Ok, so i have a little problem. Whenever i am playing a game (world of warcraft) , after about 45min - 1hr the screen freezes and the screen either turns white or the picture gets all jumbled up. nothing is overclocked, its all running stock, any ideas?


q9550 2.83ghz
sapphire 4870 (fan at 40%, catalyst 8.7)
asus p5q deluxe (bios 0803)
4gb corsair ram (TWIN2x4096-6400c4DHX) running at 800mhz, 4-4-4-12, 2.1v
Corsair 620hx PSU
Western digital 640gb HD
Windows vista home premium 64bit.
Xigmatek s1283 heatsink w/ Mx-2
4 scythe 120mm fans, 2 intake, 2 exhaust

now for temperatures im running 2 different programs.

at idle PC Probe 2 shows my CPU at 23c, and mobo at 38c
at idle realtemp shows each core temp. core 0: 39c, core 1: 20, core 2: 31, core 3: 31
catalyst control center shows my 4870 at 48c.

that first core at 39c seems a bit high no? maybe thats my issue? if its at 39c now at idle, itd probably shoot up pretty high?

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  1. Couple of things on CPU temp. When looking at core temperatures, idle temps really shouldn't be trusted. Having one core look higher maybe 1 of 2 things. The DTS sensor is stuck, or the core is busy running a process, which gives the appearance that its stuck.

    Now for the white screen, and when the picture gets jumbled up, it kinda sounds like video driver problem. The latest driver I saw as 8.8. Give that a shot:

    Drivers & Software

    And after some googling, sometimes it could be a network problem with the servers. Read some users having white screen, since the server problems can cause the game to have a white out screen.
  2. Use Riva tuner or ATI tray tools to increase your GPU cooling fan to 68% or higher. Then go back to playing your game. If it happens again, then there is a hardware issue with your network controller.
  3. that white screen problem that people were having seems to really be happening the second they load up the game. this has happened only once out of the 2 times after playing for 45minutes - 1hr though. ill try the 8.8 drivers and see if anything happens.

    i also just ran prime for about 30-35minutes without a single error.

    edit: 68%? thats INSANELY high. running at 40 is high enough. i have heard of no one running a 4870 any higher than 50%, unless they were overclocking there card to extreme speeds. at 40% speed the gpu temp is about 47 at idle, around 60 at load. this is at stock. i really dont think ramping up the fan that high will fix it, itll just make my ears bleed.

    - i actually installed the new ethernet drivers earlier today, i have done a system restore to get the old ones back. ill check this out and see if anything happens, if it does, then ill try cat 8.8. the only reason i didnt install 8.8 in the first place because there's a bunch of people having major issues with 8.8, and the only fix for them was going back to 8.7. i figured these would be the most stable :(
  4. I had the same problem while playing wow, it turnned out to be my ram. Thats after I did a complete reinstall of the game as blizz tech said to give it a try :( Not sure if that helps you though....
  5. Try this, I ran into my PC just restarting cause of this.

    Go into your BIOS and make sure that the timings and voltages for the RAM are set correctly. You are running memory just like mine (well mine is DDR2 1066 but same voltage and brand). My voltage was @ 1.8v instead of 2.1v and was causing it to just restart or the OS to crash while gaming and some sooner than others, if they used more memory.

    See if that helps as it doesn't seem like a temp problem to me because normally if it was the CPU overheating you would notice performance degridation due to the CPU throttling and if that didn't help then it would probably shut down.
  6. i already set the ram timings/voltage the second the computer turned on. there running at 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v. ive ran memtest with no errors as well. im going to try this fix i found on the ati forums that has to do with powerplay and editing the profile that i used to change the fan speed. i hope this works!!!

    thanks for the tips fellas, appreciate it!
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