mouse lag in games but not the OS?

I wonder if anyone can resolve this query. I have a wired optical "Trust" 800dpi mouse that cost about £7. Now when I am just surfing the web or using low demand software it is plenty smooth and accurate enough for me. When I go into games, especially demanding fps games, the movement becomes very jerky and its pretty hard to be accurate for sniping and medium distance shooting. I play my games on my monitors default of 1360x768 and I do adjust the mouse settings to get the best response but I never am happy. Currently its very much annoying me in Call of Duty 4 online. Can anyone tell me where my problem is? I do also get a lot of frame drops and I blame my cheap 8600 GT for that so I'm upgrading to an 8800GT card (also getting the Corsair TX650 psu to power it all). Will this make a difference? Will a games mouse like the Logitech MX518 make a difference? I have displayed my system setup in my signature.
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  1. Wait till you play with the new video card before you condemn the mouse... or lower the res / details and see if things improve.
  2. is it usb? could be device conflict....

    try disabling smooth mouse movement if its enabled.

    check could be lagging.
  3. turn vsync off.
  4. Is your mouse on a usb hub? some of them cut the reports/sec down, this can cause a jumping feeling.

    Vsync has also been known to cause input lag when gaming.
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