Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration proble

Okay, ive seen several topics like this, but I wanted to state my own situation. Im not an expert at this stuff and i usually do trial and error to fix things.

I used to be able to play just about any of my games nearly full quality ( I have a sapphire 3870), but lately the more demanding games (such as fallout 3, Medieval 2 etc) have been screwing up ( graphics stretching, freezing, stuttering). I suspected it was overheating so I checked CCC in several different games at full load and the highest it ever reaches is around 75-80C. I used a box fan next to my computer to try and help cool the whole thing down, but when that didnt work i turned to rivatuner to turn up my fanspeed. I turned it up to 100% just to check the temps for a minute. I tried to open CCC again(the loading screen came up for CCC) but it wouldnt fully open, after about 5 seconds of waiting for it to come up, I got a BSOD. I should have written the message down i know. After rebooting, this is what i get

windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem

Ive never had an issue like this system usually runs pretty stable. Anyway, hoping someone has a quick fix, as I dont understand why it would crash randomly if it didnt have something to do with me turning the fanspeed up to 100% through rivatuner. Thanks
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  1. Haha it seems im an idiot. Shoulda checked this first- I pulled out one of the sata cables on accident when readjusting some wires in my case. sigh. Works fine now.

    Edit: This is my first posting, so Im not sure whether im supposed to make this thread "solved" or even how to.
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