Severe(and strange) issues with my 7600gt.

Hey there, first time poster so I'll have whoever replies know I'm not all that experienced with graphics cards, or computers for that matter.

I've had several weird problems with my xfx 7600gt for about a years time now, but I never bothered looking much into it, but when I did nothing worked anyway so I sort of gave up with it and just accepted defeat, but I've now decided to look for help.
I've tried updating drivers, tried changing hardware acceleration, tried adjusting game/image settings up and down with no luck, even refresh rate but nothing helped.

More to the point:
The card is rock solid stable, it's never let me down in terms of performance, that being said, I don't push the card beyond it's limits and I've never clocked my pc(or card for that matter) at all. The fans work, the drivers are up to date, it should be getting enough power aswell.
Still, I'm having artifacts, tons of them, in all shapes and sizes, in all the games I've tried so far. I run my games in windowed mode, and whenever there's artifacts on the horizon I just resize my window and they go away for a short amount of time, then come back. They seem to origin from models, well, textures on models to be exact, and I have no dea what's causing the problem.

Also, I'm having tiny dots of different colors, visibility depending on the background, at first I thought what I was seeing was dead pixels but when I took a black background image and dragged it back and forth on my screen, they made trails all over it, and I have no idea why.

The short version: My xfx 7600gt is acting a wee bit strange, and I'd like to know if it's possible to any extent to fix the problems I've described. I'm 100% sure it's the card messing with me, 'cause I tested a 6600gt or so in this pc and it caused me no problems.

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  1. bouncing between 65-75*C while running games, heat has never been a problem, as far as I see it, but you be the judge.
    I've had the same problem during winter, and I got my window open all year(don't ask), so I honestly don't know. Think I'll go for faulty card explanation.

    I'll try another cable if I can get hold of one, though.
  2. Yeah I'm gonna agree with the idea of just a faulty card, though you could go ahead and double-check that it's snug in its slot. Something you might also want to check for is power requirements so that you can be sure your power supply is enough for the card. Lastly, not sure if you can test this on a 7600GT, but if you can find a program that'll tell you temps (GPU-Z should work), then you could monitor your card's temperatures and make sure it's not melting down.

    Edit - Ok, yeah, 65 - 75 C shouldn't be a problem. Faulty card is more likely. If you want, there's tons of good recommendations we can give you for a new card if you're interested.
  3. Agreed sounds like a dodgy card to me.

  4. That'd be great.
    Price range somewhere in between 150-200 euro, pci express, doesn't need to have sli option, or is that stuff standard these days?
    Either way, I need something able to run elder scrolls iv: oblivion at best, I usually stick to world of warcraft and the like so I'm not all that demanding, just need something that'll be able to handle the wow graphics engine and whatever twists and turns it may take in future expansions. :p
  5. Sounds like the card is dying. It is a bit old, after all. Can you afford to buy a new card, and probably a new power supply too?

    What kind of case and PSU and motherboard do you have?

    Edit: I hadn't seen your reply yet. OK, what kind of case and PSU do you have? And give us a URL where you can shop.

    Don't worry about SLI, you don't need that for WoW or Oblivion.
  6. Motherboard is a MSI k8n sli card, got a amd64 3800 stuck in there.
    The case is a cooler master centurion 534, with a MIST 500W PSU.
    Hope it helps.

    Oh and uh, best bet in terms of ordering a new card would be on
  7. Your MB supports PCI-E 1.0 at x16. Your case has two 120mm fans, which is acceptable IMO for a single card even if it's hot. A 500W PSU should be enough for a card like 8800GT or even HD 4850. Finally, your case is big enough even for 8800GT or GTX, according to some newegg reviewers, so we don't have to worry about cards not fitting in it.

    Some options:

    Asus 8800GT, 1300kr, i.e. 161 euros.

    Asus 8800GTS G92 512MB, 1600kr, a bit faster.

    Gigabyte HD 4850, 1300kr, even faster.

    I'd pick that Gigabyte card. Just download and run Driver Cleaner, or reinstall Windows, to switch properly from your current nVidia drivers to ATI drivers.

    Edit: there's also HD 4870, even faster than those other 3 I listed above, but it's 246 euros and overkill for Oblivion. It is nice though because it has a better cooler.
  8. I'll keep the gigabyte card in mind.
    Thanks for helping out everyone, been a pleasure coming here.

  9. Just curious about one thing.

    What's the difference between pci express 1.0 and 2.0? what difference will it make when using a 1.0 compitable motherboard with a 2.0 compitable graphics card as opposed to a motherboard with 2.0?
  10. PCI-E 2.0 has twice the bandwidth of PCI-E 1.0. With a single HD 4870 or HD 4850 or 8800GT or lower you don't have to care, your MB is still OK and the card will work at full speed.
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