My Dell A920 revs up like its going to print, but then stops. It says the ink ca

My printer says the ink cartridge is missing and shows no ink levels, black or color. Both cartridges are in but it won't print. The docs are in the ques and says the printer is ready. I have changed the cart but still doesn't work
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  1. Not an XP issue, but what does the printer say? Is there a display on the thing? Error lights or anything? Will it print an internal test page?

    Are you using 3rd party cartridges or OEM ones?

    If it won't print at all, and you have good cartridges, I'd try to exchange the cartridges first, and make sure they are in the right locations, then the final call would be the printer is bad.

    Seeing how the printer is from about 2006, and got bad reviews anyway, you may as well replace it. InkJets for the most part are not long lasting, if you get a few years out of one you're doing good.

    The good: Very inexpensive; intuitively designed software; extremely easy to use.

    The bad: Lousy output quality; slow print speeds; pricey ink consumption; requires separate fax-modem; works with only Windows 2000 and XP.

    The bottom line: Given its poor performance on our tests and its costly ink consumption, we can't recommend the Dell A920 to any category of user.
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