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Hi, I have a dell optiplex 755 and am trying to find a nice video card for it the problem is that the pci express 2.0 slot is in the top of the expantion bay slots so can not use a dual slot card :fou: also all of the power supply cables are sata and all but one is used so again big :fou: i need something that can run dual monitors and still do graphics preety well

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  1. Hey, i'm running a gx280 and was in a simmilar situation.
    I ripped out the power supply and gfx then moddified the case (bent it out of shape with raw power!) so I could fit a 7800gt in and plugged in an external power supply!! Not the prettiest of solutions with no lid and a waterfall of wires trailing down from the power supply on the self above but it works for me. If you do this with a half decent psu any single slot card should work for you.
  2. ya no I want a computer not a POS that is destroyed
  3. Then I would give up on fitting a 'nice' video card in there for 2 very good reasons....
    1) The power supply in them is proper **** and there is no spare power connectors for a graphics card
    2) You can only fit half height cards in and I don't know any decent gfx cards that are half height, but I guess there must be one somewhere......??
    I presume you are talking about the one that looks a little like a biscuit tin?
    I'm sure you could fit a card that is a few years old that might still be alright at low res in modern games, but if your after something with half decent power made in the last few years your sh*t-outa-luck mate.

    Obviously this is very subjective on what you class as 'nice'!! To me it means a card that can run all current games as a min of 1280x1024 with medium settings, and that is the min I could put up with.
  4. big, somebody posted a 4850 today that is single slot. its $200 on newegg.... i think anyway you go though you're looking at a new power supply too. any decent video card you get is going to need at least 450w psu...

    unless you just need dual monitors in which case almost anything will do.

    what are the specs on your 755? they redid the computer lab at my college w\ all 755's. w\ e6850's, 2gb, 250gb hard drive and dvdrw drives.... they boot up very fast... very under-utilized though. when i have class i basically have 12 of them at my disposal.
  5. JibberMitch learn to read i d0nt need a half height card i need a single slot card aka something like a nvidia 9600gt becsuse something like the 9800gtx witll not fit because it take 2 slots. but bigger problem is i only have one sata power port free and noting elsse

    itadakimasu thanks now just neet to figure out how to get some power to it and will be set

    dose anybody know if there is a sata to six pen converter out there that will work for video cards?
  6. big_BDS you're a very rude person, I only replied to try and help. There is absolutely no need to speak to me like that.
    I work with Optiplex 755's and the ones I work with require half height cards... hence the reason I mentioned it. I take it the one you have does not require this. You could have politely corrected me, maybe try that next time.

    And you are still stuck with the fact you have a dell power supply which, to use your own eloquent vocabulary, is a POS!!!

    Next time you want help, try not to act like such an arse my friend.
  7. and buy a decent computer too lol. premade systems suckzor unless its alienware or somin ridicolously priced. how do people think they make there money , cheap mobo , cheap psu , cheap ram and cheap case , yell about there cpu and gfx + figures like 300gb! and 4gig ram! and suck people in :)
  8. Ok lets get this all cleard up once and for all. This was for a group of computers at work. if i was after half high cards i would have said so. and agreeed prebuild system are kinda the poo and even alienware has kinda gone down hill now that they are owned by DELL and all of the alienware products have always been over priced. oh, and jibeer mitch you are a pompus arse my friend.
  9. the optiplex series generally comes on 3 or 4 body sizes.... not sure how many the 755 has...

    i have no problem w\ dells as i've " owned " over 50 newer optiplex systems, 320's, 520's, 620's, 745's.... 95% only bought to resell but i keep others for kind of utility machines for work or god forbid of my computer were set aflame...

    i just got a 745 off ebay for $240ish w\ a 3.4ghz pentium d and i put 4gb in it today... my new office computer. Sad that the other one w\ 3.0 pd they bought just about 1-2 years ago for $900
  10. Hello all,

    I recently purchased a 755 and flashed the bios from A08 to A09. Now the system will not boot unless I have the OS disk in the drive. I don't a have to hit boot from disk but allow the system to automatically bypass the optical drive and it will boot normally from HD. Without the disk in the optical drive, I get no drive detected failure. Is there a fix for this?
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