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Well recently, my friend wanted to reformat her computer and it is a Compaq Presario S5100CL PC which contains a Asus A7N8X-LA Motherboard. I gave her a Windows XP SP3 disc since she was not able to locate her recovery discs and she tried to reformat, but began to get "copying" errors at around 90% of copying files. Apparently the disc I had given her was scratched. I made a new copy of the exact same disc and let her use it, but this time the disc began to give errors at around 60%. She kept on trying to reformat, unexpectedly and surprisingly, it reformatted after many tries, but some Windows system files were missing such as the default Luna XP Theme.

Now my problem is, after booting up and installing all the correct drivers (LAN, Graphic Drivers, Sound Drivers, etc...) all was well except for the fact that the computer wasn't detecting any connections.
The network setup is using a Belkin N Wireless Router (Belkin F5D8233-4v3) and it's connected using two Ethernet cords, one connecting the router and modem and the other connecting the computer and router (Normally how a router is connected).
I have tried many different things, connecting the modem directly to the computer, reinstalling the network adapter drivers (although the drivers automatically install now) and other methods which have failed to fix these problems.

Would anyone know a solution or any ideas on what I could do to try and fix this network problem? I would really appreciate it since I have not been able to do anything and it's really frustrating to see that my friend isn't able to access the internet and do whatever she has to do.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
GoldenDrago (Ray) :)
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  1. When you say detecting any connections, is this getting to the internet?
  2. This is from a completely different computer. If I were to go to "Network Connections" there would be no connections active and I have tried creating them, but to no avail have any worked.

    And thanks for atleast replying seeing as I posted this yesterday.
  3. Quite confuseed here.

    Is there an icon for network connections when you go to control panel?its under LAN or High Speed.

    Or its just not getting an IP address?
  4. Neither, theres no icon nor is it able to acquire a network address.
  5. Uninstall the nic from the device manager and have windows redetect it, it should then show back up in the network connections list.

    If it doesn't let me know.
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