Diamond HD 3650 1GB DDR2 running on PCI-e x8?

So I just installed a HD 3650 1GB to replace a crappy GeForce 6100 onboard graphics (nforce 405 chipset?) and just installed the latest drivers. (8.7) I opened the catalyst control center and on the maximum bus setting, it says PCI-express 2.0 x8. Shouldn't it be running on x16? Here's a pic: http://img377.imageshack.us/img377/6669/pciexx8pr1.th.jpg Also, any file that analyzes my system identifies my 3650 as a "HD 3600 series" instead of the actual number. Could this be because I forgot to disable the old onboard **** before installing the new one? So 2 problems, my card isn't identified properly, and it might be running on the x8 bus setting. Any suggestions?

How do I attach my dxdiag on this forum?
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  1. Hello! The answer to your question is: You are Running PCIE 16X. PCIE 2.0 8x is PCIE 16x. The new generation effectively doubled the bandwidth of the previous PCIE slot (and increased the slots available power). Aside from that having the card running even a PCIE 1 8x slot wouldn't be bandwidth starved, so theres no need to worry. It says my x1900 AIW Is running 8x PCIE 2.0 as well.

    I cant say anything about the "3600 series". Chances are thats not your fault, and that is what it should be recognized as. Some GPU bios are generic.
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