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Sorry folks, I've searched here and know the question has been asked a few times, but haven't found the answer I'm hoping for. What's the best unattended local (NOT online) solution for backing up user data?

We back up desktops to NAS devices. We've used Norton 360, as well as the backup software included in Vista and (very recently) Windows 7. The problem is, the NAS devices fill up in a matter of weeks, because the methodology used by the software just keeps packin' files onto them without giving us any means of "rolling" changed files into the original full backup and deleting them from differential sets.

That gets us into trouble in a hurry. Our users need Outlook archives going back years. They have archive files of about 2Gb each, sometimes they have four or five of them. Whenever Outlook is opened, the file dates on all of the archive files are updated even if they are not used or changed, so they are dutifully backed up in the daily or weekly backup.

As a result, even though a user may have only 10-15Gb TOTAL of data, his/her backups fill a 300Gb NAS to capacity in a few weeks, backups start failing, and we have to manually wipe the NAS and start over.

We're talking about installing 2Tb drives in the NAS devices, but that just postpones the problem a bit... we'd get 2-4 months instead of only weeks, but still have the PITA problem of user backups failiing and then manually restarting everything. There's gotta be a better way!

Are we making some dumb-ass mistake in how we use what we have, or is there a better software and/or hardware solution to ease this problem for us? (We're a small company, not enterprise-rich but we can spend a bit.)

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. Backup Exec, also is from symantec. I use this for do backup of the servers and pcs company and is really good.
  2. NetCDP allows you to backup to NAS automatically. You can configure how many versions you want to keep and the oldest are deleted once the maximum version is reached.

    It is fully automatically and continuous. You don't need to do anything after you set it up. Give it a try
  3. Backup Exec does work pretty good. Assuming everything backs up all the way, it's generally really easy to restore stuff. We use DLT-S4 tapes which are 800gb/1600gb but restoring speed can be rather slow.
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