Some questions about my core i7 oc settings

I built this system back in January and until now I didn't have the balls to OC it. I got it stable at 4009.16mhz with these settings. Is there anything that I should be worried about? The temps seem high but doing a search it's hard to find a definitive answer as to what is too high. Here's my settings what do ya think?

CPU - Core I7 920- CO overclocked to 4009.16 mhz
cpu cooler - TRUE 1366 with AS5 thermal grease
Mobo - Gigabyte ga-ex58-ud3r
ram - Crucial 1066 overclocked to 1688 (should I lower the ram speed even if it's stable?)
QPI linkspeed - 7.59 (is this too high?)
PSU - Antec EW650
Multi - 19 (I have better stability with lower voltage than with a 20 multi)
bclk - 211
vcore - 1.35
EIST,C1E,speedstepping are disabled
performance enhance set to standard
all other settings are stock
max core temps using Real Temp with Prime 95 small ftt test - idle 45,45,45,41 load 78,78,77,73
room temp is 73F

Using load line calibration I can acheive stability with lower voltage but the temps are the same. Should I enable this feature?
also by lowering the BClk to 200 and vcore to 1.250 I get a stable overclock of 3800 mhz with max load core temps of 68,68,67,63 should I just be content here? Thanks in advance
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  1. Most people say in the mid 70's i ok temp for max load.

    so you should be fine as far as that goes.

    As far as memory speed goes. Its fine if its stable.

    What kind of voltage do you have on the ram?
  2. If everything's stable, you're fine. What kind of memory voltage are you running though?
  3. I didn't touch the memmory voltage I left it on auto
  4. well you should manually set it to 1.65 volts... Because it seems to me that your mobo is raising the memory voltage over this.

    If you go over 1.65 volts on the memory it WILL damage your cpu eventually.

    So, go into the bios and manually set it to 1.65 volts. Also tell us what voltage it WAS running at.
  5. In the spd section of cpu-z it says 1.5 volts.
  6. i would still check in the bios if i were you... its not worth it
  7. ok, I went into the bios and manually set the dram voltage to 1.5 volts. I then ran the small ftt test in real temp and it passed. I went back to stock settings for now.
  8. Yeah, its not worht it because it may damage the cpu... But that is a pretty nice OC
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