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Hi I'm pretty new to upgrading video cards so I don't know how to use 100% of its potential. I heard that if you plug your TV into the VGA adapter of the card you can watch the TV in HD, is that true?

I have a digital, flat screen TV (not sure if HD or LCD) and the picture quality is pretty good, I'm just wondering if it will be even better if I were to plug it into a video card (I'm getting the 9800GTX+)
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  1. Yeh sure you can have the desktop/games on your big screen TV, either via DVI / HDMI / Composite / Component. However, that wont allow you to watch TV off your computer. You will need either a separate TV tuner card or ATI are making a new All-In-Wonder that actually has a tuner chip built onto the video card http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/hardware/1811_1.html Although the card itself isnt very powerfull for gaming its a great idea for a HTPC
  2. Chookman is correct. Some people see the "TV out" on the card and think they can watch TV on the computer. If the TV does not have a HDMI or DVI then the quality will be reduced. If it has a HDMI you can get a DVI to HDMI adaptor.

  3. As chookman stated you need a TV tuner card, look for something that is HDTV compatible so that you can pick up HDTV signals over the air waves.

    An important note, a TV tuner card does not de-scrambled TV signals that have been scrambled or encoded. Therefore, you cannot use it to watch pay-per-view programs, HBO, Showtime, Playboy, Spice, etc.
  4. ^Component output will not be reduced quality cards these days output in 1080p without an issue
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