Problems with Removing Second Partition

I recently upgraded from xp to 7. I used to be dual booting xp and 7 beta. When I upgraded, I decided to remove the partition that 7 beta was on and expanded the xp (now upgraded to 7) partition to the full hard disk capacity. However, after deleting the second partition the new Windows 7 is still not accessing the full hard disk. Furthermore, I still get the dual boot option even though there shouldn't be any other operating system to boot.

I used GParted to first delete the unwanted partition and then expand the desired partition to the full disk capacity.

To summarize, the following is a chronological list of what I did and the problems I am now experiencing.

Dual booted with xp and 7 beta (60 GB to xp and 30 GB to 7 beta)
Upgraded xp to 7
Deleted Windows 7 beta partition
Expanded Windows 7 partition (60 -> 90 GB)

1) In "My Computer", drive c is still showing a max of 60 GB, but disk management software in Windows 7 and GParted both show 90 GB.

2) I still get the dual boot screen when my computer turns on even though I now only have one operating system.

Thank you for any help
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  1. What are the options that appear on your boot screen? All leading to Windows 7?
  2. Download bcdedit and remove the entry. The boot manager is on the first drive
  3. Yes, both options lead to Windows 7, except one no longer exists (for obvious reasons) so I therefore can't boot into it (I tried).
  4. I also still have the problem of the entire hard drive not showing up in "My Computer".
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