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Just bought a new PC with a BFG Nvidia 9800GTX OC2. The card comes with a DVI-VGA adapter which I use to connect it to my 32inch samsung HDTV. The problem is that the maximum resolution I can get is 1360 x 768.

Just wondering if it's a normal or not and if not what should I do to fix it

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  1. Unless that's a 1080P TV, that's perfectly fine.
  2. Either its in 720 mode, or thats the most you can get with VGA. I'm not sure where VGA maxes out at. If you can, try DVI or Composite.
  3. ok thanks that was my problem. I also have something weird happening now. I knew that their was a SPDIF with the card so that the volume could play on the TV when it's plug HDMI. Problem is nothing is happening. I looked into vista settings and saw the device and it says it works but still nothing.

    Anything that could fix that?
  4. It could be that the HDTV's max resolution is 1360 x 768. Check th specs of your HDTV.
  5. I'm thinking that is your max res on the TV.

    FTR, VGA can handle resolutions way over this, but not all TVs support high PC resolutions, the good ones do. I know my former roommates TV, a Samsung, used a VGA input for the PC and it supported full 1080p input.

    Does the 9800GTX even support sound out of the card? If it does, I was unaware, I know that the ATI cards can do it.
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